Check out our OpenVZ Linux VPS demonstration. Find out how a virtual private server provided by Wide Open Host will assist you to bring your website to the next level.

Wide Open Host’s OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers can be purchased pre–loaded with abundant CPU and RAM allocations, ample to handle any type of site or resource hungry applications. The virtual private servers are perfectly scalable – if at any time you may need alot more resources, you’re able to instantly travel to some more powerful server. Plus, every one of our OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers can be bought provided with SSDs And HDDs Pros And Cons, permitting extremely fast file read/write rates, essentially lessening website load times.

Each and every OpenVZ Virtual Private Server can even be ordered with our absolutely free Web Control Panel. It’s a control panel produced to live in the cloud and then to help to make web site managing straightforward. With it, it is simple to take care of a number of domain names and then web sites in the exact same place, without having to make a distinct control panel instance for each and every web site. It comes with a definitely fast File Manager, that enables you to upload files by simply dragging them in the web browser window, a Stats Manager, where you get to see your site stats with no need to configure anything and a selection of Site Acceleration Tools, which often can significantly boost the pace of your site, using server–level caching.


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